About Us

Samantha and I along with my boys Connor and Blake run a small cattle operation called Family Ties Angus. The operation is a joint effort that takes work from all four of us. We take pride in our cattle, the animals we produce and the animals we market. Owning a small family run operation allows all of us to spend time together doing something we all love and enjoy. You can always find the four of us out doing chores, tagging calves or halter breaking show animals, usually, with smiles on our faces and lots of laughter in the air. Samantha and I really enjoy the show life of the purebred cattle, taking pride in the animals we select to take to shows and share with everyone. Connor and Blake have a love for the little calves, and on most occasions can be found sneaking around the calving shelters trying to catch a baby calf. The boys are active in 4H and really enjoy the experience the cattle give them.   


Samantha is a real horse whisperer, from the day she could walk till today, she can be found out loving her ponies or taking them for a ride. I love to watch how she handles her horse and the pride she has in doing so. Moving cattle to pasture is the most looked forward day after show  season, a long day in the saddle with all four of us on our own pony. Samantha and I can be found out several days a week enjoying a ride through the pasture checking out the herd or just enjoying the sunshine on the back of a horse. I was never a horse lover, but since I fell in love with Sam, there is nothing more I enjoy then a ride with Sam and the boys. 


I love to work the cattle, spend time with them and watch them grow into something I can be proud of. I love to hunt whitetails in the winter, but my true passion is waterfowl hunting in the fall. I cant wait to see Sam shoot her first goose this September. Connor and Blake will never be far away if I am out hunting, these two boys love the outdoors and wouldn't give up a chance to go hunting.  

Although life from November to April is about as busy as it could be, we always make time for family. Samantha and I both work full time jobs in the oil patch, while maintaining our cattle operation and chasing the boys around to hockey 7 days a week. By the time calving season and hockey season is over, we all look forward to a little down time during the summer months. This hard work that our family is used to has allowed for us to make a successful and growing cattle operation.