Family Ties Angus

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Family Ties Black Angus was formed in 2006, and in 2013 the name was Changed to Family Ties Angus with Samantha Fournier becoming a part of my life and bringing with her the addition of Red Angus to the herd.


 We started the herd with the selection of 13 purebred cows from top breeders such as Everblack Angus, Bowerman Angus and Nesset Lake Angus. Careful selection of Bred Heifers gave us the foundation that we still build our herd on today, Good strong footed cows, with solid udders of perfection and a motherly instinct for their calves at birth. If the mother has any instinct to hurt Sam, myself or the boys, that cow can count her days till she finds the meat market. We allow absolutely zero tolerence for cows that want to hurt you when they calve, if we can't trust the cow with our 8 and 10 year old boys checking then we don't want them on the farm.

After the initial purchase of the bred heifers, we carefully chose replacement heifers from our own herd to slowly build our numbers. For the first 2-3 years we bought 1-3 select heifers from Everblack Angus and Black Hills Angus. 


Then in 2013 we took a large jump with the addition of 2 herd dispersal sales in which we bought out the herds. First we bought Gordon Braithwaites herd of Everblack Angus and Black Hills Angus cows and then in May 2013, we bought Gord Rattrays herd of Red and Black Angus cattle. With this addition it brought our herd numbers up to 80 cows and more importantly gave us some cows that had raised champion bulls and heifers. New bloodlines, excitement for Sam and I. 

Our cows really do fend for themselves, coming off pasture they are put on a straw and screening pellet diet and after they calve they remain on the pellets and free choice hay is added. Good feet, strong udders, good hair coats and motherly instinct decide which cows make our herd and which ones are sold. Only the strong stay on the farm.